Collection: Space Aviation×Kyoto Cuisine Foil Collaboration Plan

Space Aviation and Kyoto Cuisine Foil collaboration plan is now on sale!

What is Kyoto Cuisine Foil?
Kyoto Cuisine Foil is located along the Kamo River not far from Sanjo Ohashi Bridge.

Chef Takeshima hopes that guests will enjoy the changing seasons with all their senses.

With this in mind, each dish is carefully prepared.

The chef prepares dishes with seasonal ingredients that allow you to enjoy "Hashiri", "Sakari", and "Nagori", and the broth that the chef has carefully selected.

The foil building was a ryotei restaurant called Shikokuya Tantora at the end of the Edo period.

It is said that "Takeichi Hanpeita," one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tosa, lived in Tambora when he went to Kyoto.

The alcove in the "Hanpei-no-ma" where Takeichi spent his time and the mud wall with the remains of the box staircase at the entrance remain as they were in those days.
The rooms are decorated with calligraphy of the greats, and you can feel the proof of the inheritance of the history in every corner.

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