Restricted baggage

◆Items that cannot be carried on board or checked in◆

Anything that may pose a danger or inconvenience to the aircraft/personnel/loading etc. is prohibited by law from being transported by air.
Items that qualify as hazardous materials must be disposed of on the spot.

The following are representative examples.

explosives Fireworks, crackers, etc.
high pressure gas Portable concentrated oxygen, helium gas balloons, camping stoves, cassette cylinders for stoves, etc.
Flammable, combustible materials Lots of matches, lighters, and oil-powered lanterns
oxidizing substances Instant coolant, bleach
poisonous substance insecticides, pesticides
corrosive substances Heated lunch box
Other hazardous substances bear spray

◆ Items with conditions for carry-on/check-in ◆

There are items that cannot be carried on board or checked in, and there are items that can be checked in or carried on board under certain conditions.

Smartphones, personal computers, game consoles, etc. (electronic devices using lithium batteries)

In case of deposit

・Make sure to turn off the power

・Protect it with clothing and pack it in a strong suitcase (to prevent accidental activation or damage)

Mobile batteries, spare batteries, etc.
(Spare batteries for electronic equipment using lithium batteries)

[Lithium ion battery]

・Less than 100Wh: No limit on number, can only be carried on board (must take measures to prevent short circuit)

・More than 100Wh and less than 160Wh: Up to 2 items per person can be carried on board (short-circuit prevention measures are required)

・More than 160Wh: Not allowed in carry-on or checked baggage

[Lithium metal battery]

・Lithium content 2g or less (8g or less for medical use): Can only be carried on board (must take measures to prevent short circuits)

*Lithium content of more than 2g but less than 8g for medical purposes can only be carried on board up to 2 per person.

・Lithium content exceeding 2g (over 8g for medical use): Not allowed in carry-on or checked baggage

*If we cannot confirm the capacity, we may not be able to transport the item.

*If the capacity (watt-hour rating) is not listed, please check using the calculation formula below.

Watt hour rating (Wh) = Rated quantity (mAh) × Rated voltage (V) ÷ 1000

Depending on the product, the watt hour rating or rated voltage may not be indicated. In that case, please contact the manufacturer.

Hair irons/hair styling equipment

[Battery operated (including rechargeable)]

If the battery cannot be removed from the device, it cannot be carried on board or checked in.

*In the case of lithium ion batteries, the battery can be removed from the main unit, and only batteries with a capacity of 160 Wh or less can be carried on board (the main unit can also be checked in).

*If the battery is not a lithium-ion battery, it can be carried on board or checked in if the battery is removed from the main unit and measures are taken to prevent the battery from short-circuiting.

[Outlet type]

・Can be carried on board or checked in

Electronic cigarettes/smokeless tobacco

Only items for personal use may be brought on board.

*Cannot be charged or used on board

*Spare batteries require short-circuit prevention measures.

lighter match

Up to 1 item per person

Portable/carryable, limited to smoking

* Cigar lighters (the type that emits a strong blue flame) and oil tank lighters (those that do not contain absorbents) are prohibited both in carry-on and checked baggage.

Alcoholic beverages/beverages Alcohol content: limited to 70% or less
scuba diving equipment

Scuba diving tank: Not allowed in carry-on or checked baggage

Diving knife: limited to check-in only

Speargun: Separately packaged and consigned without spear included.


wheelchair body

・1st device: Can be checked in for free (*Limited to the device used by the customer himself/herself.)


Limits on number and power consumption (Wh-watt hours) vary depending on battery type.

Regarding transportation of portable electronic devices containing recalled lithium batteries

Only allowed in carry-on due to risk of fire and safety reasons

*The following measures are required

・Turn off the power to the electronic device

・Do not charge the electronic device.

・Take measures to prevent unexpected operation and protect the product from damage.

・The electronic device should be kept close to the passenger carrying it.

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