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Collection: Cherry Blossom Tour Special

We offer a variety of helicopter flights over famous cherry blossom viewing spots such as Mount Yoshino in Nara Prefecture and Kyoto city.

You can avoid the traffic jams and enjoy the view from the sky!

Why not try enjoying cherry blossom viewing in a different way this year?


The History of Yoshino Cherry Blossoms

The mountain is covered with an unparalleled collection of cherry blossoms, with around 30,000 trees of 200 different species, centered around the ancient Japanese mountain cherry, Hakusan cherry, and known as "Yoshino's Thousand Cherry Blossoms" and "A Thousand Cherry Blossoms at a Glance," and has been beloved for over 1,300 years since ancient times. It is said that the origins of Shugendo began when En no Gyoja, the founder of Shugendo, carved and enshrined Kongo Mokou Gongen in a mountain cherry tree in Yoshino, and later, followers began planting cherry trees there as a sacred site for Shugendo. Yoshino has often appeared on the stage of history, and in the Heian period it is recorded in the Kokin Wakashū, and later on, writers such as Saigyo Hoshi and Matsuo Basho admired the cherry blossoms of Yoshino.
It is also famous historically as the hiding place of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who fled from his brother Minamoto no Yoritomo and went to Yoshino with Benkei and his concubine Shizuka; as the site of the Southern Court established by Emperor Godaigo after he was defeated in the Kenmu Restoration during the Nanboku-cho period; and as the site of a large cherry blossom viewing party held by Toyotomi Hideyoshi accompanied by 5,000 of his retainers.

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