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Collection: Experience the harmony of tradition and innovation at Iio Brewery

Iio Brewery is a place where traditional Japanese brewing techniques are beautifully combined with modern innovation. Located a two- hour drive from Kyoto or a 36- minute helicopter flight with Space Aviation , this special place allows you to learn about the vinegar-making process and experience the profound flavors that underpin the Japanese food culture.

History and quality of Iio Brewery

Iio Brewery continues to preserve the brewing techniques that have been passed down for generations. The vinegar they make is characterized by the fact that it is made using the highest quality ingredients and with great care and time. You can see the vinegar production process, which is an essential part of Japanese food culture, and discover the secret of its flavor.

A special day of brewing experience

A visit to Iio Brewery is more than just a tour. You can see the traditional vinegar production process and learn about its history and techniques. In addition, a tasting session allows you to taste different types of vinegar and enjoy the differences in their flavors. Through this experience, you will realize the depth of brewing and the richness of Japanese food culture.

Enjoy the view from the sky

Experience Iio Brewery from the air on a helicopter tour with Space Aviation. The view of Iio Brewery from above blends in beautifully with the surrounding nature. Enjoying the view of the brewery surrounded by lush greenery from the air gives you a new perspective that you can't get from the ground.

A fusion of nature and tradition

Iio Brewery is a place where nature and tradition come together beautifully. Here, brewing techniques handed down since ancient times are combined with modern technology to produce vinegar with a unique flavor. The flavor, born from the bounty of nature and the efforts of the people, will captivate all who visit and leave a deep impression on their hearts.

Book your helicopter tour now

Experience the magic of Iio Brewery with Space Aviation. Our helicopter tours offer an exclusive perspective where tradition, innovation and natural beauty come together. Experience the depth of Japanese culture and cuisine and enjoy a luxurious travel experience. Book your tour now and embark on an extraordinary journey beyond the ordinary.

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