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Collection: Roadside Station Kugino

A helicopter sightseeing event will be held at Roadside Station Asobunosato Kugino from November 16th to 28th.

Courses are: Advance reservations on this page are only for ⑤ Mt. Aso Great Power Course. Please come directly to the site for ① to ④.

① Helicopter experience course 3 minutes 3,500 yen (1 person / tax included) *On-site reception only

(2) Aso foot course 8 minutes 8,000 yen (1 person/tax included) *On-site registration only

③Earthquake Reconstruction Course 12 minutes 12,000 yen (1 person/tax included) *On-site reception only

④ Crater course 15 minutes 14,000 yen (1 person/tax included) *On-site reception only

⑤Mt. Aso powerful course 25 minutes 23,000 yen (1 person/tax included)

* Operates with 2 people.

*In principle, children under the age of 2 (under 3 years old) must sit on an adult's lap and are free of charge.

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