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Collection: Immerse yourself in a rich journey at Genshosha

Immerse yourself in a rich journey at Genshosha

Journey to the cultural oasis of Genshosha, reachable via a quick and scenic 36- minute helicopter flight with Space Aviation. This exclusive retreat offers unparalleled scenery and unforgettable experiences, combining luxury travel with deep cultural immersion.

Immerse yourself in timeless elegance

Set amidst serene landscapes, Genshosha embodies the essence of Japan's rich cultural heritage. Explore meticulously preserved gardens adorned with beautiful plants and traditional architecture. Each step tells a tale of nobility, artistry and serenity, offering an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the fabric of Japan's esteemed culture.

Exploring the charm of Genshosha

Explore the historic district of Genshosha as you delve into the heart of its charm. Discover the intricate craftsmanship of the teahouse and understand the cultural honour of the tea ceremony. Experience the tranquil beauty of the Zen gardens and find a sense of harmony and meditation in the embrace of nature.

Aerial view of Genshosha Shrine

Experience a breathtaking aerial view of Genshosha Temple on a helicopter tour with Space Aviation. See the lush landscape and timeless architecture from above, and experience the contrast between traditional and modern from the air. Enjoy panoramic views of Genshosha Temple's sprawling grounds and serene surroundings.

Celebrating serenity and heritage

Let yourself be enveloped in the tranquil atmosphere and historical respect that Genshosha is known for. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary where history and natural beauty intersect among rustling foliage and ancient architecture. Genshosha promises a journey that will purify the mind and body and celebrate Japan's long history of art, culture and architecture.

Book your helicopter tour now

Experience Genshosha and its cultural riches with Space Aviation. Our helicopter tours offer an exclusive perspective that combines luxury, history and natural beauty, offering sophisticated travelers a glimpse into the soul of Japanese culture. Book your tour now and embark on a journey that transcends the everyday.

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