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ヘリコプターのSpace Aviation

12/24-25,29-31,1/1-3-Ishigaki Island-Yaeyama 7 Islands Plan-Coral Heli

12/24-25,29-31,1/1-3-Ishigaki Island-Yaeyama 7 Islands Plan-Coral Heli

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Coral Helicopter is a helicopter tour whose main purpose is to view coral reefs from the sky.

Coral reefs are a fascinating place with their variety of colors and shapes and the unique life forms that live there. We are sure that you have been captivated by these mysterious sights, both underwater and from the sea.

We all agree that coral reefs are an indispensable treasure of the earth, not only as a tourist resource, but also for many other creatures and natural features.

However, the true dynamism of coral reefs lies in the scale of their ability to cut through the ocean and create islands. When you look at the beautiful blue world of coral reefs from far above, you will be struck by the greatness of the reefs created by hundreds of millions of years of time, and you will be reminded of their irreplaceability.

To leave an everlasting imprint of this blue light on your eyelids and in your hearts" is the mission of SANGO HELI, which only we can accomplish.

[Fee] ¥73,500 (per person)

[Duration: 32 minutes

[Number of passengers] 2 to a maximum of 3 people

The number of passengers can be more than 1, but the fee will be charged for 2 passengers. When selecting the number of passengers, please select "2".

Children under 2 years old (under 3 years old) may board on the lap of an adult and will not be charged. However, please be sure to enter the age and weight of the child.

1 Please be sure to enter the names, ages, and weights of all passengers. (If any information is missing, you may not be allowed to board.)

2 Children are not allowed to board alone. Please make sure to have at least one adult accompany the child.

3 The maximum weight limit is 200 kg. If the total weight of your child exceeds 200 kg, please split the boarding process into two separate trips.

[Meeting point].

Ishigaki Island Central Coral Heliport

Opposite Ishigaki Memorial Park, Omata, Heitoku, Ishigaki City, Okinawa 907-0003

The captain reserves the right to cancel the flight due to weather conditions or other reasons.
In general, flights will be cancelled in case of rain or poor visibility.
In the event of cancellation due to weather conditions, a full refund will be made.

We may disclose or provide your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information to the extent necessary for boarding.
Please apply after agreeing to the above.
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